Sunday, December 4, 2016

+2016 People's Holiday Market+

This was my 10th show this year! 
It has been a real learning experience. 
And while I was busy learning I also met YOU! 
Obviously, at each show I have met some cool people. But who knew that the uber coolest & most fabulous folks live in my own town! The People's Market was jamming from start to finish. It was not only fun to meet my fellow artisans, but the Boar and Bull magically transformed into a wonderland of Christmas Holiday Festiveness! Thanks for hosting us! 
Olivia, thank you for allowing me to participate on the fly at the last minute! I honestly think you are a SAINT. Probably really are. You are lovely inside and out! 
To the wonderful enchanting folks who purchased my art-thank you. Since most of you live in my neighborhood it means more than you know. I wish you a very merry Christmas! 

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